McCaffrey-Winner – Who are we?

Award-winning national bestselling authors Brittany and Brianna Winner, The Winner Twins, combine their unique talents with New York Times bestselling author Todd McCaffrey to create a new ground-breaking gaslamp fantasy universe, The Twin Soul Series, writing as McCaffrey-Winner.

Twin Soul Series: The King’s War

The King’s War

While the tale of Krea, Wymarc, Captain Ford, and the others introduces us to the world of Toreen, with Ophidian’s Oath we return to Krea’s father, Rabel, and discover that there is much more going on than we realized.

And we learn even more in Iron Air as King Markel launches an assault on the kingdom of Soria to the north.

Continuing on from Iron Air we have Ophidian’s Honor:

Twin Soul Series: Krea’s storyline


Our series began with Krea.
Krea Zebala is a young albino girl of sixteen who is offered a chance to save two lives and meet the gods.
Winter Wyvern is the first book in the series. It introduces us to Krea and a dying wyvern which was shot by an airship.
Cloud Conqueror
tells the tale from Captain Ford’s viewpoint, aboard the airship Spite which shoots at both dragons and wyverns, egged on by none other than Crown Prince Nestor.

Frozen Sky
continues Ford’s tale as he and the prince journey north on a mission of life or death.

Wyvern’s Fate
reveals the fate of Krea and Wymarc, for Krea’s continued existence must be judged by the gods.

Wyvern’s Wrath deals with the next encounter between Krea and Spite.

Finally, our first major story arc completes with Snow Serpent.

Twin Soul Series book 8 is available for Pre-Order

Iron Air
Iron Air, the 8th book in the Twin Soul Series is now available for pre-order.

From the back cover:

War is coming.

King Markel plans to conquer Soria, the kingdom to the north. 
His two airships, Warrior and Vengeance, 
reign terror from the sky.

What can one man, one little girl, and one teenage dragon
do against the might of a whole kingdom?

In a world of dragons, wyverns, magic, witchcraft and metal men, 
Iron Air comes to life as the 8th book in the 
Twin Soul Series.

Pre-order today.

Twin Soul Series

What is the Twin Soul Series?

Well, it’s dragons, wyverns, kitsune and a whole bunch of other twin-souled beings, for starters.

It takes place in its own fantasy universe. Mother Toreen is said to have created Toreen’s World to keep her children (the gods) occupied while she was resting. Of course, that may be just what the gods want humans (and others) to believe. No human has ever seen Mother Toreen.

There are a lot of gods. Sometimes they walk the world in human form, sometimes they wander in different guises, sometimes they do completely different things. They do what they want to do – they’re gods. But they’re not omnipotent nor omniscient. Think Thor and Loki, if you want.

What started it all?

It started with a visual image from Brianna Winner which became the basis for a book on writing (The Write Path: Worldbuilding) and also the first story, Winter Wyvern.

The Winter Wyvern starts with this line:

“Krea was bored, and when she was bored, bad things always followed.”

And things progress from there!

How many books will there be?

A lot!

We’re targeting one book a month.  Imagine, a new book every month!

So by San Diego Comic-Con (come visit us) we should have nine available for your reading pleasure.

And several more books will be available for pre-order.

Why are you writing them?

Because we’re having a blast!  We bounce ideas around between the three of us.  One of us takes point on a particular book, the first draft is read out loud every time (often the story is read aloud mroe than once), and another person does the polish, color, and added cool stuff that makes the story worthy of the McCaffrey-Winner name.  Finally, the three of us get together and do a final read-thru or whatever is needed to make sure that it’s good to go.

Then it’s typeset — often with additional changes — and converted to eBook (and book) — and gets into your hands.

Wyverns, airships, what else?

Magic and witchcraft.  Kitsune (nine-tailed foxes).

More stuff.

We’ve got a whole world to play in, we’ve barely scratched the surface.

And the stories will get bigger and involve more people.

We plan on continuing the story of Krea, the winter wyvern, but also follow several other storeis and even start telling stories that are completely separate from the original Winter Wyvern thread.

It’s a big world, we plan to play in all of it!