Twin Soul Series: Krea’s storyline


Our series began with Krea.
Krea Zebala is a young albino girl of sixteen who is offered a chance to save two lives and meet the gods.
Winter Wyvern is the first book in the series. It introduces us to Krea and a dying wyvern which was shot by an airship.
Cloud Conqueror
tells the tale from Captain Ford’s viewpoint, aboard the airship Spite which shoots at both dragons and wyverns, egged on by none other than Crown Prince Nestor.

Frozen Sky
continues Ford’s tale as he and the prince journey north on a mission of life or death.

Wyvern’s Fate
reveals the fate of Krea and Wymarc, for Krea’s continued existence must be judged by the gods.

Wyvern’s Wrath deals with the next encounter between Krea and Spite.

Finally, our first major story arc completes with Snow Serpent.